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We are the Last Mile Service Provider.We Started providing Last Mile Services on 2008. We are holding IP-1 license. We provide services at Rest of Maharashtra , Goa, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Soon we will expand our services to Gujarat ,Telangana , Andhra Pradesh. Our Annual turnover is above 500 Cr.

Infrastructure Services

Communications Services and the Network Operations Center provide and coordinate minor network wiring projects to accommodate campus departmental moves and changes.

Optic Fiber Leasing

Fiber optic cable is composed of microscopic strands of glass. Information in the form of bytes of data can travel through this glass over longer distances and at higher bandwidths.

Tower Installation

Everyone wants to have some source of passive income to meet daily needs and to beat rising inflation in the retail market.You can earn good money in the form of incentives from cell phone companies.

UG (Under Ground Fiber)

Planning, teamwork and a flexible design can help designers and installers implement an underground optical-fiber cabling plant.

Overhead Fiber Services

If electricity and fiber cables are on nearby power poles, we allow up to 500 feet of a fiber optic service drop to each household.

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1) FT : The FT Future of Media and Telecoms: Deal-making and Disruption in Uncertain Times will bring together senior leaders from content owners, advertising, network players

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With India's first Open Network. An open sharing platform that gives each one of you access to our tower maps


Tata DoCoMo is an Indian mobile network operator, which is a joint venture between Tata Teleservices and NTT Docomo


Tcl is a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language. It was designed with the goal of being very simple but powerful.


Reliance Mobile is one of the leading GSM Service providers in India. Reliance now provides facility to recharge services online.

Help Desk No : +91 712-6715004, 06 Complaint No : +91 712-6715026, 24 Mail :
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